O Tigre Sábio
O Tigre Sábio
O Tigre Sábio
O Tigre Sábio

O Tigre Sábio

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Tigre Sábio
It’s no coincidence that we launch this new collaboration in the exact same week our Tigre Paulo Furtado's birthday, it’s our way of celebrating his life and his art.

For those who don't know, Paulo's first passion was drawing and painting, not music.
Before Punk and Rock'n'Roll diverted him towards music, Paulo Furtado attended the painting course at ARCA, in Coimbra.

This ‘Tigre Sábio’ was born from a memory that has been lingering over the years, a phrase from the Wim Wenders film, Wings of Desire;

Time Heals All, but what if time itself is the disease?

In the film, we hear the thought that’s going through beautiful Marion’s (Solveig Domamartin) mind, as she walks away from the danger of the trapeze where, under the invisible protection of the Angel Damiel (Bruno Ganz), she risks her life daily.

These words resonated strongly in Paulo's mind for many years and were chosen to be printed in this piece that celebrates the wisdom of experience, whilst posing the metaphorical question about the cruel and beautiful imponderability of the passing of time.

The drawing is an original by Paulo Furtado exclusively for Casa Tigre, it represents a serene, powerful and wise Tiger, at peace with himself and with the world.
Could it be another metaphor?

The ‘Tigre Sábio’ is available for you from now on.

Stay Gold, Stay Wise