"É um tigre, juro" T-Shirt
"É um tigre, juro" T-Shirt
"É um tigre, juro" T-Shirt
"É um tigre, juro" T-Shirt
"É um tigre, juro" T-Shirt
"É um tigre, juro" T-Shirt

"É um tigre, juro" T-Shirt

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PETA approved - Climate Neutral - 100% Combed Cotton - 150 g

É um tigre, juro (It’s a Tiger, I swear) is Punk, it's funny and in your face and it also has a very simple yet very beautiful story behind it. 
A few years ago, Berlin based Rita Lino came to Lisbon and stayed at Paulo´s place. Wasted Rita wanted to send her a package, so she sent it to his address. 
When Paulo opened the mailbox he saw this same tiger drawing and the words I swear it's a Tiger, written on the package. 
Cut to early 2021, in Anjos, Paulo , Afonso & Rai are looking at the meticulously preserved original envelope and thinking 'this could be the best t-shirt ever'. 
We call Rita, she says - ok, alright - over & out, let's do it!
É um tigre, juro (It’s a Tiger, I swear), is a CASA TIGRE x Wasted Rita collab.
É um tigre, juro, é punk, é divertida e provocadora e tem uma história muito simples, mas também muito bonita.
Um dia, a Rita Lino veio de Berlim a Lisboa e ficou em casa do Paulo. 
Wasted Rita queria enviar-lhe uma encomenda, e portanto enviou-a para casa dele. No envelope estava desenhado um Tigre como o que vêem na nossa tee, com as mesmas palavras escritas no cartão. 
Corta para o início de 2021, estamos os três nos Anjos a olhar para o envelope original, religiosamente guardado, e a pensar que esta é a t-shirt mais cool do Mundo. 
Bora ligar à Rita, ela diz - ok, fixe. -  Over & out, siga. 
Portuguese visual artist and illustrator Wasted Rita (1988) has been amassing a huge following since starting her blog “Rita Bored” back in 2011. The self-styled “natural born agent provocateur” likes to observe, reflect, write and draw, pouring forth little gems of mordant wisdom, reflecting an unconventional upbringing in a Catholic school to the sound of Black Flag. Her angst-ridden poetic invectives on contemporary life, popular culture, and human behaviour have been finding their way into magazines, books, exhibitions and art commissions in a growing number of countries around the world.