Born and raised in South London, Alex started his tattoo career in 2010 working at a local studio, where he soon drew the attention of Kids Love Ink founders Marcus and Alec who saw his potential and invited him to join the expanding crew in Deptford. Over the course of the next 9 years, working conventions and guest spots along with his time in Deptford, he developed his skills in all styles of tattooing, whilst creating a unique style of his own, building a large following in the process. In 2019 his itchy feet led him to set off on an adventure around Europe in his self converted campervan, with his partner Jan, dog Frida, and Cat Lupi. After many miles travelled, and even more experience gained working in various European studios along the way, he’s finally settled in Lisbon where you’ll find him tattooing and painting. Although now a Portuguese resident, he’s still a core part of the crew here, and as such makes time for regular visits back to Kids love Ink to tattoo.

A life long skater, you’re most likely to catch Alex out on his skateboard when he’s not tattooing, keeping himself involved in the scene both in the UK and Portugal, as well as checking out gigs and art exhibitions whenever he gets chance.